Create An Outstanding Essay

Tips and tricks that will help you

craft a winning essay

There are many tips and tricks you can utilize that will help you in crafting a great essay. Many students are not told of these tips, and hence struggle with writing high quality papers; it is indeed a failure of the education system. But fear not, as we have you covered, and by implementing these tips into your writing regiment you will propel to success.


This is perhaps the most important tip that we will impart on you today. Having a good plan is key to writing a good paper. A plan will be your point of reference while you are working on your paper.

Another positive to having a plan is that many students have brilliant ideas in their mind, but when it comes time to write their paper, they can no longer remember these ideas. However, when you have it all jotted down on paper you will never have to worry about facing this agonizing scenario.

Your plan should be structured as such that you write down what you plan to write for each point you will be making. This means that your plan will resemble a condensed version of your paper, making it easy to reference.


One of the leading reasons why many students fail in their papers is due to procrastination. They easily get distracted and put their paper on hold, until time is about to run out and they quickly rush their work, leading to a subpar mark.

To avoid this problem, be free of any distractions when composing your paper. Turn your mobile phone on silent and disconnect your laptop or computer from the Internet. This will ensure that you give your full focus on your writing, and nothing else can distract you from this.

Writing Style

The writing style used for essays is called ‘academic writing’. This is a very formal type of writing and you should make sure that you do not use any informal language or any colloquialism.

A mistake many students make is thinking they need to make use of complex and very formal vocabulary, but this is not true. Your teachers will not be marking you on your lexicon, but rather, on whether or not it is easy to understand the point you are trying to make. So, make sure that your writing is concise and the point you are making is clear.


The structure of your writing is as important as your content. A poorly structured essay will score poorly, no matter how great the content is. Due to this, you need to ensure that your writing flows well and is easy to follow. Aim to write short paragraphs consisting of 3-4 sentences, as smaller paragraphs are easier to follow. The structure of your paper should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This is a brief overview of what you will be talking about in your paper. It should introduce the topic briefly to your reader.
  • Main body: This is where the main analysis happens. This is where you will answer the question asked of you and perform your analysis. Make sure that you structure your paragraphs in this section logically.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summarization of everything you have talked about. Remember to reiterate your main talking points so that it imparts a lasting impression on the reader.

If you follow the tips and tricks as outlined in this article, then you will have no problems in crafting an excellent paper that will greatly impress your teachers. The key is to plan well, and to have a well-defined structure to your paper that is easy to follow.

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